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Featured Cookware: RSVP Green Apple Slicer, Corer, and Peeler

December 10, 2012

Last Friday in our weekly newsletter, we featured this wonderful Roasted Butternut Squash Soup recipe with easy to follow directions for home cooking. Now, we’re featuring the cookware to make it! Although most people don’t use apples in their recipe, the apples actually give this soup the utmost seasonal taste and warmth and we like to view it as our “secret ingredient”.

The recipe starts by peeling, coring and cutting apples into a medium dice. Because apple slicing, peeling and coring can often be time-consuming and difficult, we recommend using the RSVP Green Apple Slicer, Corer, and Peeler. The RSVP makes apple preparation extremely easy as it uses a crank operation to core, peel and slice apples into perfect snacks or recipe ingredients.




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