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Top 5 Cyber Monday Deals

November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012–Cyber Monday is a great way to cash in on the latest online sales and discounts without ever leaving your home. With free shipping on every $25 purchase or more, is making it extremely easy  to shop online and save money! Whether it’s upcoming Christmas gifts for friends and family or just updating your kitchen and cookware, CookDazzle has everything you need this holiday season. Check out our Top 5 Cyber Monday deals going on NOW!

#5.) Shun DM0500: Ken Onion 8″ Chef’s Knife

Price: $249.95

Cyber Monday: $169.95

The Ken Onion series takes a classic and elevates it to new heights. Every aspect from the shape of the blade to the way the handle fits snugly into the user’s hand has been designed to be the superlative in ergonomics. The arc of the sleek Pakkawood handle provides control, the rock of the blade belly allows users of any height to cut without discomfort. The widened bolster with thumb and forefinger guide cuts down on tension, making this line ideal for users who have large quantities of prep work or those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

#4.) Wusthof Classic 3 1/2 Inch Paring Knife

Price: $99.99

Cyber Monday: $29.99

Every element of this renowned cutlery contributes to its precision and ease of use. The high-carbon stainless steel blades are hardened to maintain a sharp edge and full tangs provide perfect balance with riveted, high-impact composition handles.

Use this versatile 3.5-in paring knife for mincing herbs, onions and cutting vegetables and peeling and chopping fruit. Also great for scoring meat, pastry and baked goods.

Prized possessions of professional chefs, wusthof knives are an invaluable asset in any kitchen. In Solingen, Germany, each piece is hand-forged in 38 manufacturing steps by skilled craftsmen. Wusthof’s newest state of the art technology incorporates a new computer controlled method for putting the edge on Classic knives. This technology allows for an exacting edge from the tip of the knife down to the heel of the knife. With this newer precision, the knives are made sharper to 14 degrees per side for a total of 28 degrees.

The knives are now sharper and this refinement increases the sharpness retention because exacting angles and edges last longer than edges sharpened by hand. The result is a knife that is 30% sharper and the ICP (Initial Cutting Performance) lasts twice as long.

#3.) Henckels Miyabi 8inch Chef’s Knife

Price: $159.95

Cyber Monday: $99.95

Miyabi continues to strive for perfection with the introduction of Miyabi Kaizen–Japanese for improvement or change for the better, This next generation of Miyabi Knives, made in Seki, Japan, combines the greatest hardening technology with the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, Miyabi Kaizen is crafted from VG10 super steel with a 64-layer stunning flower Damascus pattern, The exceptional blade is complemented by an equally stunning and durable handle made of black linen Micarta featuring a mosaic pin, red spacers and a metal end cap, The 8 inch chef knife is essential for chopping, dicing, bias cutting and slicing.

#2.) All-Clad: MC2: 1 Qt. Sauce Pan w/ Lid

Price: $109.95              

Cyber Monday: $79.95

All-Clad MC2 1 Qt. Sauce pan with stainless steel interior complements the matte-finished, brushed aluminum exterior, providing an ideal cooking surface and exemplary heat distribution. Sculpted stay-cool handles add a finishing touch of polished stainless steel. As an essential part of any kitchen, it simmers, boils and warms our food gently. One small and one large sauce pan are recommended for the well-equipped kitchen.

#1.) All-Clad 3-Piece Kitchen Canisters Stainless Storage Set

Price: $180                    

Cyber Monday: $99.95

Stylish and functional, this stainless steel canister set provides ideal storage for dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, pasta, grains, etc.

  • Includes sizes: 3.5 qt; 4.5 qt; and 5 3/4 qt;
  • Measure 6″ by 7″ inches; 7″ by 7″ inches; and 7 1/2″ by 7 1/2″ inches;
  • Stainless steel interior which will not react with foods;
  • Each canister features an air-tight glass lid.

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