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French Skillet vs. Frying Pan

July 3, 2012

While French skillets and frying pans are very similar, there construction and design elements make them better suited french skillet
for different cooking techniques. Both French skillets and frying pans from All Clad are made of the same aluminum core and stainless steel construction.

French Skillet

The French skillet is generally deeper and offers a wider cooking surface.  It combines the flared sides of a fry pan with the depth of a sauté pan. French skillets are excellent for sautéing because of their depth. The high sides keep the oil and other liquids inside the pan from splashing out. If the French skillet is filled with food, it will cook the food rather than fry it.

Ideal use: French skillets are great for sautéing, browning, and cooking a variety of meat and vegetables.

Frying Pan

Frying pans are shallow with a wide, flat base and sides that flare out that making it easy to flip and turn food while cooking. They usually have a lip that makes them ideal for pouring liquids or sauces. Frying pans have low gently sloping sides that do not collect steam in the pan.

Ideal use: They are made for frying food over high heat. The slanted sides of the frying pan will not hold in steam so the food will fry without getting soggy.  Great for cooking at high heat with butter or oil to develop foods with full, rich flavor, color and crisp texture.

All Clad has a number of high quality French skillets and frying pans in a variety of sizes.


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