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Wellness Mats .. Amazing on your feet!!

March 9, 2012

All Wellness Mats Are made with Advanced Polyurethane Technology, featuring:

• Exceptional comfort – Standing is Believing™…
• Always lays flat – gradually tapered edges reduce trip hazards (due to design & cross-link technology)
• Anti-microbial – by design…inherent in our material formulation
• Permanent shock absorption and recovery (consistent ‘bounce-back’ every time)
• Abrasion, slip and wear resistance (mat travel is reduced and will not show wear and tear)
• Stain and chemical resistance
• Enhanced material stability in wet areas
• Contain no plasticizers, and thus will not leach over time (no noxious smells or bad chemicals)
• UV stability for brighter areas of your home
• Flame resistant up to 400(f) degrees
• Puncture and tear resistance
• ‘Extended life-cycle’ guarantee – keeping the material out of the landfi lls and are 100% recyclable.
• Our APT allows us to offer the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty of 7 years.


Designed to provide comfort and well-being, WellnessMats require little to no special care. Clean it as you would your fl oor. It can be spot cleaned, swept, stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled), mopped or steam cleaned as needed.

Cleaning Instructions

Most spills can easily be cleaned with a towel. For more diffi cult stains, WellnessMats can be cleaned with any household or commercial cleaner.


WellnessMats offers a comprehensive 7-year warranty.


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