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“All you need is love, But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” – Valentines Day

January 26, 2012


Everyone knows that every women loves chocolate, here is a quick recipe that is going to steal her heart. Remember its the thought that counts 🙂

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet:

* 12 Wooden Skewers                                                        

* Cotton Swab

* Green food coloring

*12 Large Strawberries

*14 oz. Melting Chocolate ( I used Wilton)

* Some Fresh Mint


Dye the skewers with the green food coloring LET THEM DRY ( mine took about 2 hours).Then stem the strawberries . Melt some of the melting chocolates and then dip the strawberries in, swirling them around untill all of the strawberry is covered . Stand the skewers in a vase or  glass to dry. After they are dry and the candy has become hard, add fresh mint to resemble the rose leaves. Then chill the bouquet till you can give them to your loved one !!

 Anything can catch her eye, but it takes something special to catch her heart”



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