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Calphalon Cookware

January 16, 2012
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Calphalon cookware is a very popular brand of cookware for the home.    They feature a variety of styles and prices, to match any  budget or look you want for your kitchen.  The company started in 1963 making commercial aluminum cookware for the restaurant industry.  In 1968 they started using a process called “hard anodizing” developed in the aerospace industry.  In 1975 Calphalon cookware was introduced to the home kitchen and the first line of non-stick cookware was made by them.


Simply Calphalon Non-stick and Stainless

Calphalon is a pioneer when it comes to non-stick cookware.   Their stainless steel line of cookware is made of two layers of stainless steel with a layer of aluminum in between for excellent heat conduction.   The aluminum layer in Calphalon cookware is made up the sides of the pans and skillets, instead of just the  bottom like other brands.

Calphalon Classic Bakeware

Some of this line includes the non-stick baking/roasting pan and the oven roaster with non-stick rotisserie rack.

Calphalon Unison Non-Stick

The Calphalon Unision Non-stick line of cookware features two different types of surfaces, depending on the piece of cookware you are using.   They have both the “slide” surface which is an ultra smooth non-stick surface and the sear surface, textured especially for browning and searing foods.

Calphalon Contemporary Non-Stick

Beautifully designed for the home and made from hard anodized aluminum with a black matte finish.

Calphalon Commercial Hard Anodized

Calphalon Try-Ply Copper


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