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Staub Cast Iron Cookware

January 11, 2012
staub cast iron cookware

Staub History

Staub started as a cookware store in France in 1892.  They started making cast-iron cookware in 1974 and are now used by the worlds top chefs and are known for being the best.
Keeping with a traditional method, Staub makes each piece using a one-time use sand mold, making each item unique.   Although they started making cookware over 100 years ago, Staub has always applied new technology to their traditional methods, resulting in a top of the line product.
Each piece of cast-iron cookware is artistically designed and built to last a lifetime.

Staub Bouillabaisse Pot

Staub Product Line

Staub offers many different high quality products that are beautifully detailed.   They have many sizes of cast-iron skillets, braising pans and French ovens called a cocotte.  Other items include  tea pots and hors d’oeuvre plats.


Each French Oven also comes in an assortment of colors.  There are the classic Black, Graphite and Blue.   The Vitamin’s line include: lemon, cherry, grenadine, basil,  eggplant,  and orange.   They also carry a Pure White line and Titanium too.




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