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Wusthof Classic 12 Piece Knife Block Set

November 30, 2011

The best selling line in Wusthof’s stable of knives is the Classic which features a 3 rivet handle design. These knives are high quality and Wusthof has done very well over the years with it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it should be the modo for this line since there have been no changes to it in decades. These are great knives but and are indeed classic in blade design and traditional handle fit and feel.

Wusthof 8612 Classic 12 Piece Knife Block Set Includes:

  • 3.5-in. Paring Knife
  • Four, 4.5-in. Steak Knives
  • 6-in. Utility Knife
  • 8-in. Carving Knife
  • 8-in. Bread Knife
  • 8-in. Cook’s Knife
  • 9-in. Sharpening Steel
  • Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
  • 13-slot Block

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